Village of Maybrook




I, DENNIS K. LEAHY, duly elected Mayor of the Village of Maybrook, New York, do hereby declare as an EXECUTIVE ORDER the following:

WHEREAS, there exists a declared novel of coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic by the World Health Organization, and the recognition of its present and substantial impact to the United States generally, and the State of New York specifically, by the respective declarations of emergencies by the President and Governor, and

WHEREAS, the serious impact of this coronavirus upon the Village of Maybrook, although presently unknown due to a lack of testing authorized by applicable governmental agencies, is inevitable and will cause a significant health and safety threat to the inhabitants of the Village of Maybrook and its visitors, and

WHEREAS, the existence of these conditions poses a real, immediate and continued danger to the health of our community, which requires immediate measures to protect the lives, health and safety of the people in the Village of Maybrook, and

WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 24 of the Executive Law of the State of New York, the Mayor of the Village of Maybrook, as its Chief Executive, is authorized to proclaim a local state of emergency within any part or all of the territorial limits of the Village of Maybrook, and in connection therewith the Mayor may promulgate local emergency orders to protect life and property and bring the emergency situation under control, and

WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 103(4) of the General Municipal Law, the Village is authorized to forego the competitive bidding process when conditions exist whereby circumstances affecting public buildings, public property or the life, health or safety of the inhabitants of the Village of Maybrook require immediate action which cannot await the competitive bidding process to take place,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Dennis K. Leahy, as Mayor and Chief Executive of the Village of Maybrook, New York do hereby find the public safety to be imperiled by the present and immediate pandemic conditions of the coronavirus (COVID19) and the resulting risk to the lives of residents, officials, first responders, rescue workers and others in the Village of Maybrook and, consequently, to safeguard lives, health, safety, and property of the public, I do hereby declare a STATE OF EMERGENCY for the entire Village of Maybrook, pursuant to, inter alia, New York State Executive Law Sections 24 and 25, beginning at 12:01 a.m. on March 18, 2020, and continuing until such time that I declare the State of Emergency is no longer necessary, or until midnight March 22, 2020, whichever shall come first, unless and until this Emergency Declaration is modified and/or continued; and

I FURTHER FIND, that conditions exist that pose a threat to the public health, safety and environment and, due to the fact that immediate action may be required to perform emergency repairs and services, and procure goods and services to prevent loss of life, protect the public health and safety, such that the Village of Maybrook cannot wait for the competitive bidding process and/or local procurement process to take place for the procurement of goods and services by the Village of Maybrook related to the conditions giving rise to this Declaration of Emergency, I hereby suspend such competitive bidding and local procurement processes to the extent necessary to meet the present pandemic crisis; and

I FURTHER ORDER THE FOLLOWING, as a result of my declaration of a State of Emergency:

1. Village Hall and each of the offices and places of business of the government of the Village of Maybrook, including the Department of Public Works and Village Police Department offices, are hereby closed to the public. The Village Offices will be available for in-person services, payments and permits by appointment only during the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Mail deliveries will continue in the ordinary course. All persons wanting interaction with any Village department shall do so by telephoning or emailing the appropriate Village official. Both telephone numbers and email addresses are listed on the Village of Maybrook website at

2. All Village employees shall continue to report to work and carry out their duties so as to allow the Village to continue with its important work of providing essential services to the inhabitants and property owners of the Village of Maybrook, subject to exceptions allowed by the undersigned.

3. The Village Police Department shall continue all essential services, including the enforcement of NY Vehicle & Traffic Laws, subject to any protocols instituted by the Chief of Police relative to the novel coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic.

4. The meetings of the Village Board of Trustees will continue as scheduled, but each meeting will be conducted via teleconference, but with no opportunity for public attendance. The public may listen to a recording of all these meetings when they are subsequently posted on the Village's website. The applicable provisions of the open Meetings Law have been suspended by a Declaration of Emergency by the Governor of New York, allowing the formats of these meetings to occur as described. Public input for any noticed public hearings may be accomplished by submitting written comments by mail or email to the Village of Maybrook Clerk on or before the opening of the public hearing if time reasonably allows, or within ten days of the close of the public hearing if so directed by the respective board.

5. All meetings of the Village of Maybrook Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals are cancelled until further notice. All Planning Board staff meetings are canceled until further notice.

6. All Village parks shall remain open, but all Village of Maybrook recreation activities are canceled.

7.The Senior Center is closed until further notice and all Senior Center club related activities, including bus tours, shall cease.

8. The George C. Bullis Memorial Community Center is closed until further notice.

9. Consistent with the guidelines and protocols issued by the New York Unified Court System, Village Court is closed until further notice, except that individual matters deemed essential may proceed as the Village Justice determines. Pursuant to these guidelines, Village Justice Court Clerks cannot report to work until further notice, except upon direction of the Judge, and then only if the matter is deemed to be an "essential" application (e.g. applications for orders of protection).

10. The payment of all monies/fines to the Village Court, must be made by mail and postmaked no later than the last due date. Payments must be made by either a bank check or money order. No cash should be mailed.

All Village of Maybrook local law or Code provisions that are contrary to the above are hereby suspended to the extent necessary, and all other Village of Maybrook local law or Code provisions that may prevent, hinder, or delay necessary action in coping with this emergency are also suspended, but only to the minimum deviation extent necessary:

This executive order shall take effect as noted above, 12:01 a.m. on March 18, 2020, and pursuant to New York Executive Law 24, shall be published as soon as practical in a newspaper of general circulation in the area and transmitted to the radio and television media for publication and broadcast.

ORDERED this 17 day of March 2020 at 5:30 p.m.

Dennis K. Leahy

Mayor #99534

Posted 12/31/1969