Marlboro honors Students of the Month for February

By Mark Reynolds
Posted 2/27/19

Elementary SchoolKindergarten Teacher Jennifer Randacciu named Lilah Valentine as the Marlboro Elementary School Student of the Month for February.

“Lilah is a very ambitious student who …

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Marlboro honors Students of the Month for February


Elementary School
Kindergarten Teacher Jennifer Randacciu named Lilah Valentine as the Marlboro Elementary School Student of the Month for February.

“Lilah is a very ambitious student who consistently uses her personal best effort on a daily basis and she never gives up,” Randacciu said. “She is a diligent worker and always uses class time constructively and is very eager to learn new things.”

Randacciu said Valentine participates in group discussions, follows directions and helps her fellow students.

“She is a reliable student and friend and is competent, positive and a great role model for her classmates,” Randacciu said. “It has been a pleasure to have Lilah’s enthusiasm, positivity and maturity in my class. Keep up the amazing work, Lilah.”

Middle School
Shane Murphy, on behalf of the World Languages Department, named Jaelen Hall-Collins as the Marlboro Middle School Student of the Month for February.

“Jaelen is unassuming, not shy, not quiet but a person who weighs his words and knows when to use them,” Murphy said. “He is always a willing participant when he feels confident in a response and his confidence has increased steadily since the first day.”

Murphy said Jaelen is very reliable and has missed class, “only a handful of times and that was when he was rocking out in the band room.”

Murphy said Jaelen, “completes his work conscientiously, he’s ready to use new vocabulary and grammatical structures in class. He’s prepared for the day with any and all necessary materials...I assure you that Jaelen’s brand of dependability is a rare deal these days.”

Above all else, Murphy said Jaelen has a thirst for knowledge.

“This is a kid who loves to learn and he is very good at it. I don’t have proof of this, but I suspect he just eats books for dinner,” Murphy said.

Murphy said Jaelen is adept at applying class concepts quickly in both written and spoken language, “and is kind and helpful to those around him. He is a natural but unassuming leader.”

Murphy said Jaelen is gifted when it comes to learning a new language.

“I hope that he will continue to challenge himself and he’ll seek out opportunities near and far to learn the language that he’s so quickly taken to,” Murphy said. “It is really a pleasure to have a chance to work with a student like Jaelen and I look forward to what lies ahead, both this year and in all the years to come.”

High School
Fine Art Teachers Amy Tremblay and Rachael Elder named senior Attiyah Anderson as the Marlboro High School Student of the Month for February.

Elder said this year she has Anderson in her AP Art and Drawing and Painting classes, “at the beginning and the day and at the end of the day.”

“Attiyah started off the school year shy and reserved, however, she has really grown into a competent, reflective artist,” Elder said. “Attiyah’s drawing skills have improved significantly. She has gone beyond using simple materials, such as graphite and charcoal and advanced into experimenting with mixed media projects.”

Elder said Attiyah uses a variety of tools in her artwork; pencils, pastels, water colors and ink, which Elder noted are not always easy to use.

“As her technical skills have expanded, so have her conceptual approaches to different themes, leading her to create dynamic and fascinating AP concentrations, Elder said. “Everyday Attiyah works to challenge her ideas and asks to further her artistic knowledge.”

Elder said Attiyah is graduating in June, “and we are very excited to see what she can contribute to the art world.”
Superintendent Michael Brooks commented on these outstanding students.

“Each time we do Students of the Month I like to take some notes and certainly, when I hear that we’ve got [the] most accomplished artists in our midst; they’re competent, they’re most inspiring children standing in front of us, they love to learn [and] somehow they branded dependability, I think that’s wonderful.”

Brooks acknowledged the support from parents and families.

“Moms, Dads, families, aunts, uncles, thank you so much for sending us such wonderful people. They inspire us every single day and let’s keep that positivity going. This is what it takes to be a Duke, you show up and you do great things. So thank you so much for being you.”


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