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Tommy Costantiano’s 1941 Ford Coupe


I spoke with Tommy Costantiano back in September at a local car show in Wallkill. He had a cool 1941 Ford Business Coupe. He told me that the car was a businessman’s vehicle and came from the factory without a backseat. It was basically a salesman’s car and the back-seat area would usually carry the product and the owner would probably go door to door selling his stuff. Today his Business Coupe is set up as a Hot Rod. It’s chopped four inches from its original stance. Tommy, a construction worker told me that the car now has a 350 Chevy engine. It has an air bag system in the rear with a traditional front-end. It has side pipes with covers and shaved door handles. It has an automatic transmission and it sports an awesome Flat Black exterior.

Tommy purchased the car in 2013 from the previous owner in Nyack, New York. He told me that the car was an original California car with very little rust. I asked Tommy what his worst moment with the coupe was, he replied that the car broke down on the New York State Thruway after midnight and the lights wouldn’t turn on as well. Tommy, who’s hometown is Walden, NY, told me that he also owns a 1932 Chevy sedan. Tommy belongs to the Skulls Car Club and enjoys cruising with other club members to various car shows and car cruises to charity events.

Tommy who is a regular at the local car show scene, is a beloved car enthusiast because of his great sense of humor and love for the classic Hot Rods. Tommy’s favorite music is 50’s music and Rock a Billy. I asked Tommy how many miles his 41 Coupe had, he told me probably over one million miles as he laughed and said the odometer rolled over a few times. I asked him who was his favorite person to cruise with, he told me his friend Ralph. Tommy who purchased the coupe for seven thousand dollars back in 2013 advised that the car is valued at approximately $30,000 today.

Factory Specifications:
691,455 units made, 33,598 coupes made, curb weight: 2950lbs, Wheelbase: 114 inches, Length: 194.3 inches, Base Price: $850.

What was happening in 1941:
Franklin D. Roosevelt is President of the United States, Japan launches a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Germany invades Russia, Citizen Kane, starring Orson Wells was the top movie, Chattanooga Choo Choo by Glenn Miller was the top song, Chubby Checkers was born.


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