Wallkill Senior High School Top Ten

Posted 5/13/20

Conor Bready is the son of Robert and Jennifer Bready, and younger brother of Brenden Bready. Before all else, he would like to thank his family for their continued support throughout his entire …

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Wallkill Senior High School Top Ten


Conor Bready is the son of Robert and Jennifer Bready, and younger brother of Brenden Bready. Before all else, he would like to thank his family for their continued support throughout his entire life. Whether it was school, sports, or whatever else Conor decided to participate in, his family was always there to cheer him on and push him to be his best. He would especially like to thank his brother, Brenden. For as long as Conor can remember, Brenden has been there not only as a brother, but as a role model. He provided Conor with countless goals to achieve and positive memories, allowing Conor to become the person he is today.

In school, Conor has always had a hunger to learn more and be challenged by the courses he enrolled in. For this reason, he took the most difficult courses he could find in high school, including numerous college level and AP classes. While his desire for continuous learning is for all subjects, Conor especially enjoys classes in the STEM field. However, his passion for learning would be nothing without the endless support from the outstanding teachers at Wallkill Senior High School. While all his teachers have impacted him in some way, Conor would like to specifically thank Mr. Davis and Mr. Pathania. These two teachers have inspired Conor’s passion for the subjects he plans on pursuing in college and have helped in greatly throughout all of high school.

Outside of academics, Conor likes to stay busy by participating in as many extracurriculars as possible. Throughout high school, Conor has played soccer on both the junior and varsity teams and ran track during both the indoor and outdoor seasons. He also competed gymnastics at Mr. Todd’s Gymnastics during his freshman year. Due to injury, though, he was forced to stop. This did not prevent him from staying with the sport, instead leading him to become a coach of the boys’ team. Conor is also the President of the National Honor Society, a member of the Spanish Honor Society, a student representative for the Comprehensive District Education Plan (CDEP), and a volunteer with the Athletes Helping Athletes organization. Together, these extracurriculars have taught Conor the importance of time management and socialization with a variety of individuals, as well as the significance of building positive friendships.

Conor is eager to continue his studies in the fields of chemistry and mathematics, and also possibly computer science. Unfortunately, he is currently unsure of where he will be attending school next year due to the impacts of the COVID-19 virus. Nonetheless, Conor knows that there are great opportunities awaiting him during the next couple years of his life and into his career where he plans to study the efficiency and battery life of renewable resources. Conor would also like to thank the class of 2020 for allowing him to thrive during the past four of his life. He has created friendships that he knows will withstand the test of time, and he wishes good luck to everyone in his class, but he is already certain that they will accomplish great things wherever they end up.

Andrew Conklin is the eldest child of Marlene and Shane Conklin and the older brother of William Conklin. During his high school career, he was a member of the National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society. Additionally, Andrew was a part of the Wallkill JV Baseball team for two years and the Nordic Ski team for one year.

As a lifelong resident of Wallkill, Andrew had the opportunity to be a part of Wallkill Area Youth Soccer and Wallkill Area Little League. These organizations allowed him to develop many friendships and learn the importance of teamwork. The coaches and volunteers involved in these programs tried to reinforce the importance of keeping the game fun while helping Andrew become a better athlete and person. One of Andrew’s fondest memories was as a member of Wallkill Area Little League All-Star team that won the District 19 and Section 3 Little League Championship.

Academically Andrew has shown a strong dedication to his schoolwork and the pursuit of knowledge. His love for a challenge has encouraged him to work to his fullest potential and overcome any obstacles. He immersed himself in numerous honors, AP, and college courses throughout high school. Andrew has received multiple Academic Excellence Awards for his efforts. Andrew is appreciative of the talented faculty and staff employed by the Wallkill Central School District for helping him accomplish these achievements and for providing him with an exemplary education. Andrew has found it very easy to approach his teachers with questions regarding his schoolwork and his future and all have provided him with advice that has been helpful and encouraging.

Andrew has a strong relationship with his family. He is grateful for their help in making him the young man he is today. The support shown by his immediate and extended family have encouraged and motivated him to work hard to achieve his goals. Most of all, Andrew has the utmost gratitude for his mother and father for their love and support of him and their help through the years. Andrew also cherishes the bond he shares with his brother, William, and his appreciation for his youthful nature and enjoyment of life.

In the fall, Andrew intends to attend college and major in Biochemistry while pursuing additional interests including Management and Photography. He has been accepted at Rochester Institute of Technology, Binghamton University, the University of Connecticut, the University of Rhode Island, and the University of Vermont. Unfortunately, the unforeseen circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak have caused many schools to cancel their accepted student weekends, which has delayed Andrew’s college decision. Andrew’s primary goal is to help individuals with lost limbs and nerve damage through regenerative cell research. In closing, Andrew would like to thank everyone that assisted him along the way. He would like to congratulate the Class of 2020 and wish all the graduates’ luck in identifying their talents and pursuing their goals.

Glynis Craner is the daughter of Julia and Todd Craner and younger sister to Toby and Lucas. Glynis would like to thank her family, first and foremost, for encouraging and supporting her, and she would like to thank all the teachers that have been involved in her learning experience. Glynis would also like to thank her friends, who have provided her with endless laughs and amazing memories.

In addition to her academics, Glynis was involved in many other extracurricular activities. She has played soccer since she was a little girl and absolutely loves it. She has played travel soccer for 10 years. She was a starting fullback for Wallkill’s JV and Varsity Girls Soccer. Glynis also served as an assistant coach for Pee Wee soccer with Wallkill Area Youth Soccer for many years. She would like to thank her coaches for their encouragement and constructive criticism which molded her into the player she is today. She hopes to continue playing soccer at the intramural or club level in college and will forever have a special place for soccer in her heart.

Glynis is also a member of both the National Honor Society and the Leo Club, and is the historian of the Spanish Honor Society. Glynis is an active member of the New Hurley Reformed Church; she has participated in the church’s youth group for fourteen years and has been involved with many church events. Her involvement with these groups has helped her build strong connections within her community.

Next year, Glynis will be attending Michigan State University to study pre-law with an emphasis on agriculture. She has learned so many valuable lessons over the past eighteen years and is so thankful to everyone who has helped her along the way. While she is sad her high school experience is coming to an end, she is excited for the next chapter of her life to begin.

Grace Hammond is the daughter of Thomas and Faye Hammond and the younger sister of Joy Hammond. She would like to begin by thanking her family. They’ve always supported Grace throughout all her ventures in life within school, extracurriculars, and even work. They’ve taught her a variety of lessons, but two important ones, that have accredited to much of her success, would be accepting imperfections and working to her best ability in anything she pursues.

Grace would also like to thank two influential teachers at Wallkill Senior High School, Mr. Smith and Mr. Pathania. Mr. Smith is a technology teacher with whom Grace has taken a variety of courses with including Digital Electronics, Material Processing Wood and Metal, and Engineering Design and Development. Mr. Smith’s knowledge and guidance within all those courses have allowed Grace to explored and discover her interests within the STEM field. Mr. Pathania is a math and science teacher with whom Grace has taken Coding I & II and AP Physics 2 with.

His knowledge beyond the classroom lessons have given Grace a broader perspective on abstract topics and issues within our society.

In addition to those courses, Grace has always challenged herself and filled her schedule full of electives, APs, and college courses. She's taken full advantage of Wallkill and their courses while planning for her future. She's drawn to the STEM related course but has also ventured into the humanity side of things including AP US History, AP Government, and SUNY New Platz English 1&2. Besides academics, Grace has been a member of both National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society, an editor for the Yearbook Club, and a part of Youth Group at Goodwill Church. She also works part time at the Modena Travel Plaza and volunteers with her church for Vacation Bible School. Everything Grace has participated within high school has been a learning experience of finding a balance while enjoying herself and those around her.

Grace plans on continuing her education at UAlbany next year while majoring in Environmental and Sustainable Engineering. She's been accepted into their Honors College and is looking forward to the next chapter within her education and life. None of this would be possible without the continual support of her family, teachers, and friends. Lastly, she would like to thank her friends and the Class of 2020 for their support and unforgettable memories. She wishes the best to the Class of 2020 and everything they'll pursue.

Desmond Ley is incredibly proud to be a member of the class of 2020’s top ten. The intelligence, integrity, perseverance, and commitment put forth by this group is truly remarkable, and it is a privilege for him to be among them. Managing such high grades is especially impressive given the group’s extensive involvement in sports, music, theater, community service, and jobs. The good-spirited competition among these students helped bring out the very best in them all.

However, Desmond must primarily thank his parents, Karen and Doug, who were supportive of all his interests and always made sure that he knew the importance of learning and doing well in school. They managed to motivate him not by pressuring or punishing him, but by raising him to enjoy learning and assuring him that his hard work would pay off. His older brother Max has also inspired him for the future through his own hard work by getting a great job directly out of college. Teachers he’d especially like to thank are Mr. Davis for inspiring his interest in science and medicine, and Mr. Lapolt for having the most enjoyable class he’s taken. Finally, he is incredibly grateful for the constant support of his friends and community as motivators for his success.

Desmond’s time at Wallkill Senior High School has been the best of his life. Desmond played JV and Varsity Soccer and Basketball all four years, where he has met some of his closest friends. The countless hours practicing, the wins, the losses and the joking around and having fun have taught him things that he will carry forever. Desmond also was a member of the track team his junior year and served as the secretary of the National Honor Society.

After high school, Desmond will attend Northeastern University in Boston with a major in biomedical engineering. After college, he is undecided on attending medical school or entering the workforce.

Dylan Masterson is the son of Lori Masterson, the younger brother of Tyler Masterson, and older brother of Miranda Masterson. Dylan would like to thank his entire family for their unwavering support throughout his entire life, especially his mom, Lori. She has always pushed Dylan to be the best version of himself, offering support and guidance at every turn. Additionally, Dylan would also like to thank all his teachers throughout his time in the district, especially his high school teachers. Their support and hard work allowed for Dylan´s high school experience to be as smooth as possible, and their efforts greatly contributed to his success. Finally, Dylan would like to thank each and every one of his friends for all the advice and support they´ve offered him over the years, as well as making his high school experience one to remember.

Throughout his high school career, Dylan has always prioritized academics. This is shown through the various academic achievement awards he has received over the years. He has also taken on additional challenges in the form of both the National Honor Society, and the Spanish Honor Society. Dylan has always put his best foot forward in all of these activities and has tried to set an example for his peers to the best of his ability.

Dylan plans to continue his academic career at SUNY Albany. Currently, he is unsure about what he is going to study but plans to take everything he has learned at Wallkill in order to help him successfully take this next step.

Patrick Robisch is the son of Karl and Emily Robisch and the younger brother to Alex Robisch. Patrick would like to thank his family for their love and support. Their encouragement and guidance have guided Patrick down a path for success. Patrick would also like to thank his brother for being a trailblazer and being the example he strides for in his everyday life. Patrick is grateful for the teachers, faculty, administration, and coaches at Wallkill Senior High School. The Wallkill school district has proven to him to be a great system of people that bring the best out of their students and most of all care for their students.

In Patrick’s four years at Wallkill Senior High School, he has been a part of numerous AP classes in math, history, and science. Patrick has also completed all 5 Project Lead the Way engineering courses through Rochester Institute of Technology. Patrick has strived to make the best of Wallkill by taking on as many AP and college courses as possible. Through this rigorous course load, Patrick made sure to take the time needed for each class to keep his lofty standards for himself.

Outside of school, Patrick kept his life full by taking part in many varsity sports. He was a runner in Cross Country, Indoor Track and Field, and Outdoor Track and Field all of which he was a captain and received many awards. The coaches of these sports taught Patrick work ethic and the benefits of challenging work. Patrick has been a Boy Scout in Troop 195 for many years. He has been Senior Patrol Leader which is the single leader of the group as well as other leadership roles. Patrick is pursing the rank of Eagle, but his project has been unfortunately delayed due to Covid-19. Patrick was also a part of the Order of the Arrow, which is the honor society of Boy Scouts. In the Order of the Arrow he was a part of the ceremony team and the leadership of the Order. Patrick is also a part of the work force. He has been working as a paintball referee since 2017. At Paintball Sports NY, he is the head referee and gun mechanic. Patrick has also been delivering pizzas during his senior year for Paesanos.

Patrick, since he could remember, has been busy trying to do all he can in helping others and having fun. Patrick has strived for being a part of as many things as possible while still striving for the best in school. While a part of Project Lead the Way, he has learned of his love for engineering. In the fall he is still undecided on what college to attend but will be pursing Mechanical Engineering. By pursuing this field, Patrick is determined to make the world a better place for the future.

Cassandra Rydell is the daughter of Michael and Jennifer Rydell and the older sister of Lila and Ella. She is extremely grateful for her family and the support and motivation they have given her in everything she does. She has thoroughly enjoyed the past four years at Wallkill Senior High School and is thankful to all those who helped her along the way.

Throughout Cassandra’s high school career, she always strived for academic success. She took advantage of as many college level and Advanced Placement classes as possible, attempting to make the most of what Wallkill had to offer.

In addition to her academics, Cassandra was involved in many activities outside of school. The relationships and experiences resulting from being a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and LEO Club will be cherished. Being elected Vice President of the LEO Club, central to the ideals of community service, was a tremendous honor. One of the most memorable experiences of her time in high school was being a member of the Girls Soccer Team, playing with many of the same friends from youth soccer and travel teams, through JV and Varsity Soccer. Cassandra very much enjoyed her time working with upcoming generations of soccer players through her time volunteering with the pee-wee program.

In the fall, Cassandra will be attending Binghamton University. She is thankful for the guidance of her teachers throughout her time at Wallkill schools and the support of her family at home. She is excited for the next chapter to begin and is looking forward to what college and the future have to offer.

Mary Seelmann is the daughter of Frank and Laura Seelmann and the younger sister of Frank. Mary would like to thank her family for the encouragement to succeed during her school years. From early on, her mother and father stressed the importance of education, which played a crucial part in her academic successes. Mary would especially like to thank her older brother Frank for being a great model for academic achievement, as well as always being there for assistance and support in her educational pursuits.

Throughout her time in school, Mary has prioritized academics. She has participated in numerous college courses including AP classes in math, science, and history. Mary has also participated in extracurricular activities and organizations. She is a member of the National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society. For the past eight years, she has been a violinist in the school’s String Orchestra, and has enjoyed partaking in the many concerts and competitions Wallkill Schools have held and participated in. Outside of school, Mary has been an active member of the St. Charles Borromeo Parish family by volunteering as an Assistant Catechist in the Religious Education Program.

In the fall, Mary will be attending SUNY New Paltz as a chemistry major. She has always had a passion for science and put a lot of thought into choosing a specific branch to study. With chemistry, there are several different career paths that Mary would like to explore and hopes that her time in college will enable her with the knowledge and experience to excel in her chosen field. Although everything that has happened these past few months have made for a strange senior year, Mary is thankful for all the time she did spend at Wallkill Senior High School. She is grateful for her teachers and friends who have provided her with the foundation required to be successful in the future. Mary would like to congratulate the class of 2020 and wish them the best of luck with whatever the future may hold.

Son of Stefanie and Robert Hixon and brother to Addie, Isabella, and George, Daniel Torres achieved a top-ten rank at Wallkill Senior High School after four years. Daniel’s hobbies include reading, coding, and playing video games. Aside from school and relaxing, Torres works in landscaping to save up money.

Daniel’s greatest motivation has long been to facilitate the best possible future for his family--to set a precedent, one of life-long curiosity and inquiry and provide luxuries he never had himself. Since an early age, Daniel satisfied his appetite for learning with books, online classes, and lots of questions to his parents. He is also thankful to the Wallkill Central School District administrators, faculty, and students that helped throughout his academic career.

Torres will be a rising freshmen in the class of 2024 at The University of Chicago. He is pursuing a degree in economics to achieve the wherewithal to help advance the communities he has seen struggle from socioeconomic plight. Daniel Torres is confident these academic accomplishments have laid the stepping stones to a bright future. He is eager to graduate and have an impact on the world.


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