PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that there has been introduced before the Town Board of the Town of Newburgh in the County of Orange and State of New York on January 23, 2023, Introductory Local Law No. 1 of the Year 2023 entitled "A Local Law Amending Chapter 166 entitled 'Taxation' of the Code of the Town of Newburgh Providing a Tax Exemption for Members of Volunteer Fire Companies and Voluntary Ambulance Services." The purpose and effect of the Local Law are to implement the authority granted to local taxing jurisdictions by New York State Real Property Tax Law Section 466aVolunteer Firefighters and Volunteer Ambulance Workers by amending the provisions of the Town's Code. The Local Law provides that a qualified member, defined as an individual who has been an enrolled member of an incorporated volunteer fire company, fire department or incorporated voluntary ambulance service for at least two years prior to submitting an application for tax exemption and has obtained a certificate from the authority having jurisdiction for such organization certifying to such membership, with satisfactory proof as determined by the Town Board, can qualify for a tax exemption for Town of Newburgh purposes, exclusive of special assessments, of 10 percent of the assessed value of the real property constituting the primary residence owned by the qualified member or by the qualified member and spouse. To the extent the property has uses other than as the qualified member's residence, such exemption shall apply only to the portion of the property used exclusively for the member's residence. Qualified Members shall be required to file an application with Town's Assessor and each incorporated volunteer fire company, incorporated volunteer fire department and incorporated voluntary ambulance service shall file a notice annually with the Assessor, prior to the applicable taxable status date, certifying its enrolled members with 2 or more years of service and surviving spouses of deceased members qualified for exemption. A member whose fire company or department or ambulance service services Orange County and who otherwise meets the above criteria and has accrued more than 20 years of active service and is so certified by such organization can be granted a lifetime tax exemption of 10 percent.

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that pursuant to Section Twenty of the Municipal Home Rule Law, a public hearing will be held on the aforesaid proposed Local Law before the Town Board of the Town of Newburgh at the Town Hall at 1496 Route 300 in the Town of Newburgh, New York at 7:00 o'clock p.m. on February 14, 2023 at which time all interested parties will be heard. The Town of Newburgh provides reasonable accommodations for the disabled. Disabled individuals who need assistance in order to participate should contact the Town Clerk's office at 5644554. Advanced notice is requested.

Dated: January 26, 2023

Lisa M. Vance Ayers

Town Clerk, Town of Newburgh #109987

Posted 12/31/1969