PUBLIC NOTICE Orange County 2023 Program of Projects for Federal Transit Administration Funding in the Newburgh …


Orange County 2023 Program of Projects for Federal Transit Administration Funding in the Newburgh Large Urban Area and the Middletown Small Urban Area Public Notice is hereby given that the County of Orange is proposing its 2023 Program of Projects for which financial assistance will be sought from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), pursuant to Chapter 53 of Title 49, USC Section 5307 and 5339.

A. Proposed Program of Projects: The County of Orange proposes to submit FTA grant applications for the following projects:

1) Purchase of Transit Vehicles, Section 5339 funding: This project consists of the purchase of four transit buses with wheelchair lifts & related equipment to increase an already existing fleet. These buses will be utilized for fixed route transit services in Orange County. The federal share of 5339 funding for buses being requested is $2,648,242.

2) Purchase of 2 Transit and 24 Dial-A-Ride Replacement Vehicles, Section 5307 funding: This project consists of the purchase of twenty-four cutaway vehicles and 2 transit vehicles to replace vehicles that have reached the end of their useful life. The federal share of the Section 5307 capital assistance being requested is $3,181,276.

3) Construction of a Bus Wash Facility in the Town of Warwick, Section 5307 funding: This project provides funding to the construction of a bus wash facility in the Town of Warwick to be located at the Town of Warwick municipal campus on Kings Highway (Co. Rt. 13). The Federal funding, matched by state and local support, will be used for construction for this project. $160,000 in FTA Section 5307 capital funds is being requested.

4) Acquisition & Construction of Schunnemunk Trail, Section 5307 funding: This project consists of the creation of the Schunnemunk Rail Trail which once acquired by Orange County and permanently protected, would facilitate the creation of bicycle and pedestrian connections to the Salisbury Mills train station, Chester Park & Ride and Dial a-Bus service in the Village/Town of Chester. The proposed Schunnemunk Rail Trail would dramatically improve public transit use and services by providing pedestrian and bicyclist connections to existing transit facilities while also opening opportunities to expand service with this area of Orange County.

The grant application for the use of additional 5307 funds that will include ROW Incidentals, ROW acquisition, Construction and Construction Review. The federal share of the Section 5307 funding being requested is $8,216,598.

B. Relocation: No persons, families, or businesses will be displaced by this proposed program.

C. Environment: The project(s) in the proposed program will not have a significant impact upon the Orange County Urbanized Areas.

D. Comprehensive Planning: This program is in conformance with comprehensive land use and transportation planning in the Orange County Urbanized Areas, including that of the Orange County Transportation Council.

E. Elderly and Disabled: Part of this program will allow the regularly scheduled, fixed-route and open-to-the-public, demand-responsive bus operators to offer reduced fares to the elderly and the disabled.

F. Comments: Comments on the proposed program are invited from the general public, private bus and taxi companies, other public transportation providers, and human service agencies. If you wish to comment on any aspect of the proposed program, or request a public hearing, you must do so within thirty (30) days of the publication of this notice.

G. Contact: Comments and questions should be directed to: Robert C. Parrington, Senior Transit Planner, Orange County Planning Dept., 124 Main Street, Goshen, New York 10924, (845) 6153852; email:

H. Copies of Program: The proposed program is available for inspection at the Orange County Planning Department at the address above Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. All documents will be made available in alternate formats (large print, audiotape, or Braille) upon request.

I. Final Program: The proposed Program of Projects will be the Final Program of Projects unless amended and a final notice is not published. A copy of the Final Program of Projects may be requested from Robert Parrington using the contact information above one week after the date of the public hearing if one is held.

Stefan ("Steven") M. Neuhaus

County Executive #109969

Posted 12/31/1969