Blacksmithing and 18th century crafts at the historic Edmonston House


" Blacksmithing and Colonial Crafts Day at the Edmonston's House"
In conjunction with NYS "Path through history" weekend, this Saturday October 8th, our guides at the Edmonston house will be demonstrating Blacksmithing and other crafts essential to daily life in 18th century New Windsor. Blacksmithing, carpentry, spinning wool and processing flax into linen cloth will be demonstrated outdoor. Guided tours inside the historic home will be given every half hour. This Historic house built by blacksmith William Edmonston was use during the Revolutionary War as Headquarters for Major General Gates and St. Clair and also housed medical staff and medical supplies for the New Windsor Cantonment. The Edmonston House is located at 1042 Route 94 Vail’s Gate, NY.