City’s gas line replacements to continue


Central Hudson announced in a presentation to the City Council it will be in the City of Newburgh for the next ten years replacing gas lines. The organization is known for ripping up the citys roads and leaving many headaches in its path for city of Newburgh residents.

“We had an agreement for the past two years and have replaced a minimum of 15 miles above the minimum each month,” said Thomas Palmer, Superintendent of Gas Transmission & Distribution. “Based on the pace that we are going at, we will be completed in eight to 10 years.”

According to Palmer the replacements are necessary to prevent leaks and create a safe environment for residents. Councilmembers were apprehensive of the plans for Central Hudson to come in again and tear up the roads.

“When you were up in the heights two summers ago on my block it wasn’t a good experience for the community, it was really bad,” said Councilwoman Romona Monteverde. “I had to get on the phone because my lawn was torn up, the curb and the sidewalk, it was not a good job. How are you going to make it better?”

According to Palmer the first project done in the City of Newburgh was a larger undertaking than the company was prepared for. They completed 24,000 linear feet and 400 service lines. They plan to cut down significantly on the amount of work they plan to do in one shot and start the project this month.

“That was a big undertaking, this year we have planned a 10,000 linear ft project with approximately 35 services,” said Palmer. “We would like to start the project as early as possible and throw as much resources at it as we can to shorten the amount of time that we are under construction. That would allow us to pave immediately following. We’ve also taken the paving portion out of the course, we are using a private contractor from BTM out of Poughkeepsie to do the milling and paving in many of those areas up to a lane width.”

The next replacement is expected to take 18 weeks to complete. Construction will take place on the following streets: First St, between Robinson and Liberty St and Liberty St and Montgomery St; Carter St between Robinson Ave and Carpenter Ave; Third St, between Robinson Ave and Carpenter Ave and between Lander St and Grand St; Carpenter Ave, between Broadway and Third St; City Terrace, between Third St and Carter St and between First St and Broadway; Van Ness St, between Carpenter Ave and City Terrace; Dubois St, between First St and Third St; Chambers St, between First St and Third St; Liberty St, between Broadway and Farrington St; and Montgomery St, between First St and Second St.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the work done by Central Hudson you may call Brian Sweeney, Gas Foreman of Central Hudson at 845-476-6809.


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