Barbara J. Wilson


Barbara J. Wilson of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, passed away on January 10, 2024. 

Barbara was born March 27, 1932, in New York City, and grew up in Sag Harbor on Long Island. She was the daughter of the late Monica and Frederick Krampff.

Barbara graduated from Curtis High School in New York City and received her BA Degree from SUNY New Paltz in 1954. She began her teaching career in the Wappingers Falls School District and then taught at Ostrander Elementary School and Wallkill Middle School in the Wallkill Central School District  until  her  retirement  in


The majority of her teaching days were at Ostrander where she is remembered for her infectious laugh and her creative, engaging teaching ideas. Former colleagues and students still recall her instituting “Pet Day” where students were allowed and encouraged to bring their pets to class to educate the other students about them. 

An avid cross-country skier, Barbara managed to convince the physical education teachers and the school district to purchase enough skis and boots so each child could learn how to ski on the school grounds during physical education classes. It became a much-loved activity. Barbara was also an enthusiastic birder, and she was very interested in helping bluebirds return to the area. To further this, she had the students in her classes build bluebird houses which she then placed along a labeled, nature trail that she had created behind Ostrander. Barbara also encouraged others to share their interests and created a “hobby time” program that took place at the end of each school year where faculty, staff and students met to learn about and participate in each other’s hobbies.

Barbara was always ready for the next fun adventure! She was known to be observant, resourceful, independent and willing to take chances or risks. Barbara enjoyed many varied activities. Among them were: line dancing, camping, boating, skiing (downhill, cross-country and water), antiquing, and photography. In addition, Barbara loved to travel. Her interest in various cultures, beautiful areas, and historic sites led her to take trips to Alaska, Hawaii, Brazil (and a trip down the Amazon River), the Panama Canal, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Savannah (Georgia), and Charleston (South Carolina) to name just a few. First and foremost, Barbara loved the ocean and was knowledgeable about it and all its creatures. She was always happy by the water.

According to her directive, there will be no formal funeral service. Barbara’s request was that she be cremated and her ashes scattered at sea. Her wishes will be carried out in Florida where she last resided.

Over the years, Barbara touched many lives and made significant differences in many of them. Those of us who were fortunate to know Barbara will miss her presence.