BAU Gallery May shows open May 13, 6:00-8:00pm


In Gallery 1, Daniel Berlin's paintings and sculptures address "What Matters". Everything falls apart; sometimes gradually, sometimes suddenly. Berlin responds to this dissolution by imagining a “center” and elucidating a vision of what matters that emerges from within. The implied content of what matters is empty of conceptual meaning. In the Beacon Room, his large five-paneled painting that imagines a universe dotted with depictions of major astrophysicists & scientists that have shaped our understanding of the cosmos. Accompanying works use black holes as starting points in developing each image.

In Gallery 2, Nataliya Hines' “Lazarus Taxon” is an ode to human inventiveness and the fantastical imagery with which we populate our reality in the absence of answers to questions about our existence. Her narrative process examines the ways elements of history and mythology can be broken up and curated for the purpose of allegorical storytelling. This selection chronicles an exploration of femininity in its symbolic capacity as an evolving concept in contemporary art.