New Windsor welcomes new leadership

By Alberto Gilman
Posted 1/3/24

\Stephen A. Bedetti, Charles Broe and Patricia Clarino were each sworn in to their new Town of New Windsor positions on Monday, January 1 at New Windsor Town Hall. Bedetti will serve as the newest …

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New Windsor welcomes new leadership


\Stephen A. Bedetti, Charles Broe and Patricia Clarino were each sworn in to their new Town of New Windsor positions on Monday, January 1 at New Windsor Town Hall. Bedetti will serve as the newest town supervisor, Broe as the newest town councilman and Clarino as the newest town clerk.

For the afternoon ceremony, Orange County Clerk Kelly Eskew issued the oath of office for all three candidates in front of a large crowd gathered of family, friends and neighbors to support the candidates.

“I’d like to say Happy New Year, and I really appreciate everybody coming out today on this holiday to celebrate with us,” said Clarino. “I really want to thank my family and all my friends. Thank you, Steve, thank you Charlie, it was sure a ride.”

“I’m not new to public service but I’m new to being an elected public official, and one of the things I learned over the last year is you do not get here by yourself,” said Broe. “The support that we got and that I got as a brand new guy to this process was really overwhelming. I’m looking forward to working with Steve and the rest of the board as well.”

“The Town of New Windsor and all the residents, like many of you here in this room, are not only the reason I was elected, but the reason I ran. I’ve been elected to represent each and every resident of the Town of New Windsor as well as every employee and visitor, and I plan on doing that to the best of my ability,” said Bedetti. “For those of you who did not support me or have no faith or had no faith in my ability, I ask you please give me that chance to prove to you that I can do this job.”

Bedetti succeeds previous supervisor George Meyers who has since retired. Meyers and Bedetti both ran for their previous respective offices in 2019, with Bedetti serving as a councilman. Bedetti made the decision to run for supervisor before but the victory would go to Meyers during that 2021 election season.

Bedetti would then announce in late January 2023 that he would seek the seat again for supervisor. Broe was a first-time candidate for the council position and Clarino was also a new candidate for the town clerk. She previously worked as the deputy town clerk starting back in 2015.

Bedetti in this year’s election cycle would face off against candidate Colin Schmitt, previous assemblyman and congressional candidate, both in the primary and general election, which Bedetti would claim victory in. The town council race would see Broe, incumbent Councilwoman Sylvia Santiago and candidate Gregory Biasotti seeking the seats. Broe would take victory in the election and Santiago retained her seat. Clarino claimed victory in her race against incumbent Kelly Allegra.

Bedetti, Broe and Clarino concluded the celebratory afternoon with photos with each other, guests and their families before signing their names in the town’s record books. A celebration was later held at the Temple Hill Tavern for family and friends.

“I’m looking forward to working with the whole team, I think they have a new energy and a sense of commitment to the community that will translate over to everything that they do interacting with the County Clerk’s Office,” said Eskew.

“Just his work ethic alone, and how much he’s dedicated to the town from the firehouse and everything, it’s well deserved. I think he’s going to be a great fit here for the town,” said brother Keith Bedetti. “Take it one day at a time. Don’t rush anything. Soak it all in, enjoy life, you’ve earned where you got from hard work, and just keep your head where it should be -- straight.”

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with the team that’s coming in,” said Orange County Legislator Joseph Minuta. “Steve Bedetti’s been here his whole life, he’s committed to this community and I’m looking forward to working with him.”

New Windsor will conduct its first work session on Monday, January 8, followed by the first meeting of the new year on Wednesday, January 10. Both meetings will be held at town hall and will begin at 7 p.m.